Ticks, screwy metal things and working on mulch landscaping

Posted By on June 5, 2019

Tick190603Nasty bugger … thankfully I think I caught this guy (or any of his buddies) before sucking my blood.

Nowadays with Lyme Disease you can’t be to careful with letting ticks bite or burrow. I’m not sure our area is considered risky, but I don’t want to chance getting infected either (I thnk this guy is a male American Dog Tick).

This past weekend and each night this week have been busy for Brenda and me in getting our yard ready for a weekend with Taylor for his 30th birthday. We always seem to need a little shove in getting motivated; who knows, we might not even have opened the pool yet if it PainInFingerOUCH190603were not for Taylor wanted to have friends and family over. This year Brenda worked hard on weeding and thinning down her landscape mounds … and I moved 5 trailers full of mulch (10 yards!). The yard is finally looking like summer.

One of the more painful things this year was getting this little screwy piece of razor sharp and barbed metal out of my finger. Who knows where it came from, but I’m glad it was me and my finger rather than one of his friends.


Just a couple photos of the mulch after a hard week of work – we need to keep up with this and be sure to do it every year. Mulch_FromPorch2019




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