What do you do when you lock yourself out? Use a hammer?

Posted By on July 21, 2019

I am calling today “embarrass your wife day,” as she admitted to the questionable decision to open a door with a hammer when I was out of town last week DoorKnob190716(DoorKnobIssues190716although she hid the damage for a day). Now that a few days have passed, it is a bit easier to chuckle and admire the damage she can do with a hammer (keeping this in mind before irritating her).

Short story: She ended up locking the bedroom door as she was getting ready for work. Her purse and keys were in the bedroom so time was short in which to devise the best plan to get back in. She admitted the idea of breaking an outside window crossed her mind, but  thankfully she didn’t go that route. What she did do was to try and use the wire/key gizmo for indoor doors, but as frustration set in and the lock would not turn, she resorted to a hammer. MANY swings later, she pounded her way through the door telling me she was surprised how many swings it took – I could tell!I’m sure there was a better way, but the story would not have been as humorous.


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