Tech Friday: Insect repellents and my AfterShokz headset

Posted By on September 13, 2019

Just a heads-up for others using AfterShokz bone conduction headphones while doing outdoorsy kinds of things where bug spray is used – DON’T. I love my Aftershokz Bluetooth headphones, most likely because it enables me Trekz_vs_Off190909to hear things around me while still enabling me to clearly hear talk and music.

For me, being deaf in one ear is challenging when using a normal “in-ear” or “over-ear” device, so leaving my good ear open while still hearing the headphones is a big benefit. I’ve boasted about them before and will continue to use them … but WON’T be using products with DEET when hiking or working outdoors while wearing them … or expecting much from customer service.

I was hoping that the company would give me better advice, but it seems they didn’t realize … or at least George didn’t realize … putting insect repellent on before wearing them will damage the plastic used on the Aftershokz headsets. I was also secretly hoping the company might offer me a chance to upgrade at a discount, but they were not anxious to do anything – a bit disappointing. AfterShokzCustSupportHere is a bit of the transcript and advice when using AfterShokz after I asked about using them with insect repellent.



EDIT 9/30/2019: What a great company. After hearing about and seeing images of my headset, After Shokz replaced my old Trekz Titanium with a new set free of charge. What a great customer service experience … I will definitely purchase a new pair, probably the AeroPex!


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