Politics and Google – Dr Robert Epstein and Mark Levin #video

Posted By on September 12, 2019

No matter your political ideology, everyone who values integrity in our elections and in political campaigns, should be concerned with how information is life-libery-and-levindisseminated and prioritized. Nowadays we depend no a very few sources that we hope are unbiasedly sifting through and helping us search information and news. For the past decade or so we have grown to depend on, and expect Google to help us find the data and information without bias, but in recent years this “searching” and “prioritizing” is suspect.

This past weekend, Mark Levin had an interview with Dr. Robert Epstein Ph.D., who in July presented his research to the Senate Judiciary Committee, about how Google (with 92.62% market share as of June 2019) has and manipulates “search” to influence users; the information they highlight, rank and prioritize to the first page of search results, and auto-filled in the search bar determine what you see. Watch and listen to the 12 minute Life, Liberty & Levin Fox News interview below and decide for yourself:

Does Google purposely skew search results to manipulate elections?  


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