Surprise ‘Friends’ Big Screen 30th Birthday Party for Megan

Posted By on October 1, 2019


My son Taylor was in hot water most of Saturday afternoon trying to delay Megan from arriving early to the TV sitcom ‘Friends’ 25th anniversary Friends25thParty190928birthday surprise hosted by her parents. He used the “watching college football” excuse and did everything he could to keep Megan from arriving early.

Denni and Dave did a fantastic job of hosting a VIP room at the theater and decorating it with photos and ‘Friends’ memories (a favorite show for Megan and her mom). A bunch of Megan’s friends were their as well as some of her family and us. We enjoyed the show and a great dinner … as well as surprising Megan for an early 30th birthday party (the actual date is still yet to come). What a fun time.


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