Wishing my long time best friend Jeff Pitts, a Happy Birthday!

Posted By on November 2, 2019

As we joke every year, Jeff has finally caught up to me in age … and is now 60 years old (he is 6 months younger than me). We do enjoy kidding each other and I know my life would not be as full without him around. He has most definitely in my life for almost ever step of the way since college. The kids have never known a time without him around and suspect that even Brenda thinks of him as one of her best friends too.

Jeff and Heather on the Appalachian Trail in 1996 and his Winter Park FL office in the 80s? 

So today, thanks for always being there Mr. Pitts and good luck with your new job … and have a great Birthday in Alabama with your dad and brothers (and I’ll bet you know exactly where we’ll have a birthday lunch when you come back?)


I’ll be kind and only post middle age photos. Here’s a trip to Cocoa Beach in the 1980s.


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