Tech Friday: When will 5G be coming to Apple’s iPhone?

Posted By on March 27, 2020

iphone11sIf Daniel Ives of Wedbush is right, the new 5G capable Apple iPhone release seems "extremely unlikely" for the normal September or October release this year. Most iPhone iOS users have been anticipating or even holding off on an upgrade thinking they might want the new 5G promise data. Personally, I’m relatively satisfied with my iPhone 7-plus, but will likely be interested in the 5G model once carriers have fully rolled out and "appropriately" priced their 5G upgraded service.

Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives says it’s "extremely unlikely" that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will launch the 5G iPhones in September or October.

Ives sets a 10-15% probability for an iPhone launch in that window.

The analyst cites continuing supply chain issues and the fact that key iPhone engineers are locked down in California and unable to travel to China.

Wedbush maintains a Buy rating and $335 target, continuing to see 5G as a long-term tailwind.

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The LTE model pretty much covers most of what we need, but after just battling with our home ISP and fiber delivered television, I can’t wait to have options.CincinnatiBellLogo_thumb Cincinnati Bell Fioptics has been excellent from the speed and service standpoint, but their "normal telephone and cable" promo-expiring and jacking up contract pricing leaves must to be desired. Frankly all the cable and ISP services I’ve used in the past have operated the same way and the only way to deal with them is be willing to switch. I grow so tired of playing that game.


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