All good again as Apple sent a replacement iPhone 7-plus

Posted By on April 24, 2019

It may not be the latest and greatest iPhone from Apple, but having one that works sure beats struggling with a microphone that does not. Thankfully staying persistent that the replacement battery service is likely what caused my microphone problem paid off. Replacement_iPhone7plus190423The local Apple Store may have failed me, but a return call from Apple Support promised to follow up and “make it right.”

After an initial hiccup with having the wrong phone active on my account (last week’s store issue), “Hasan” reactivated my old phone within a day so that he could authorize an “Express Replacement.” It arrived yesterday and after a few steps, an experienced VirginMobile representative was able to activate the old SIM to the new IMEI number of the iPhone 7-plus.

Unfortunately even with a full Apple iTunes backup of my old phone, there are things that do not transfer correctly. Updating apps, password access for each, Apple pay data as well as all Bluetooth and WiFi settings all require pecking in numbers, etc. It’s probably all good for security, but a pain when realizing just how many things are kept in a phone that we take for granted … and usually having to find it at the most inconvenient time. All in all, I’m glad to have a working phone again.


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