Woodworking: Best plywood edge banding advice and #video

Posted By on March 8, 2020

While planning a long overdue bookcase woodworking project, I needed to learn a little more about edge banding. Previous bookcases that I’ve made have all been solid wood and either painted (in our first and second homes) or stained and poly finished oak (several book, CD, video and DVD case). This planned project is a bit larger and requires edge banding of birch plywood on 30+ shelves and likely support pieces. I contemplated cutting my own wood, but using a quality birch and hot melt edge banding makes more sense.

I stumbled on an excellent YouTube content provider Matt Jackson and Next Level Carpentry who offered up some excellent time saving “production” tips that might make my project easier. I was hoping to get started on our Library/Music room in February, but now that it is already March … who knows? Perhaps I’ll end up just archiving the idea and will find the time next winter?

Here’s a great tip for tying long loads in a short bed pick-up (or in my case an SUV with a tailgate!).


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