A second post today to say Thank You

Posted By on May 8, 2020

My personal rule is usually only one blog post per day, but with so many wishing me a Happy Birthday yesterday it seems appropriate to say “thank you” over lunch today.  The “like” button or “thumbs-up” is probably sufficient for social networks, a text exchange for friends who are phone contacts and of course the “in-person” or FaceTime was the best for my immediate family … limited to an elbow bump for Megan (although Brenda could not resist hugging Taylor even though they were appropriately practicing social distancing).


I’m disappointed with myself for not screen-capturing Annalyn‘s artwork that she made for me, but it was especially appreciated. Thank you Annalyn. Perhaps I’ll include her Alexa message to me to make up for that?

  Annalyn wishing Bompa a Happy Birthday (mp3) | 5/7/2020

(it doesn’t get much better than this for a grandparent) 

ADD: A new Bill O’Reilly book from Brenda … Thank you!


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