Reminiscing and thinking about our Hudson Ohio house #TBT

Posted By on August 20, 2020

ourhousehelicopter130413Let me get this out before someone tells me I’ve lost my mind: I love our current house and property in SW Ohioas well as the community we live in just north of Cincinnati. Brenda and I could not be more blessed with our lives, our family and all that we have worked on together for almost 40 years …

…  B U T  …

HudsonOH_House_Front… I catch myself reminiscing about our younger years and how satisfied I was living in NE Ohio and business in Cuyahoga Falls.


A week or so ago I grumbled to Katelyn and Drew about a few high cost maintenance expenses we were looking at in our future (pool refinishing, patio, concrete driveway … not to mention high utilities and property taxes) and thought about living in and taking care of slightly smaller home, but still have the woods and acreage that we did in Hudson. That got me thinking about the improvements we made and wondered if we had any photos from back then … we did so why not archive them on the blog for posterity? Hm, winter was a bit more harsh than I remember, but we were younger!


When Brenda and I moved from an old, tiny 2-bedroom brick farmhouse in Aurora, Ohio to a “needs a lot of work” house in Hudson a few miles away, I thought it was a dream come true. Brenda (and especially her mom) were not equally enthused.


Over the years, I was able to remodel nearly every room. We upgraded everything and by the early 1990s (photos), we had the house nearly the way we wanted it. A new pool, patio, natural gas, paved driveway, heated garage/workshop, woods, acreage, barn (still needed updating). The great room was even big enough to have Katelyn’s piano recital and with the new pool it started the birthday-pool party trend … which continued for the next 25 years! (interesting aside: if you click the “piano recital” photo, look at the old-school video camera I mounted to the top right of the photo – so geeky!) This was an excellent ThrowBack Thursday #TBT post, at least for me!



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