Admiring the new look of my old building had me reminiscing

Posted By on October 14, 2015

OldCPPBuildingNowRCNorman IMG_1058
My old Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio office in 2015 and before moving in back in 1987

While calling on customers in NE Ohio last week, I had an hour to enjoy the sunny autumn weather and drove by to see my old building. RC Norman Construction has been in it a few years now and has giving it a new lease on life. It looks great.

A Consolidated Printing and Publishing Company Christmas card from 1995

Below are a few more old photos before remodeling and moving printing equipment in back in 1987 (posted once before). Brenda and Katelyn (no Taylor yet) spent a lot of time there with me especially in those early days (and nights!)


IMG_1066 IMG_1064


IMG_1062 IMG_1063
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