Spiders, Kadydids, iPhone7+ photos and cooling in the pool

Posted By on August 19, 2020

Since I spent most of the weekend outside again doing chores and projects as the weather has been great … I spotted a couple of insects enjoying summer as well. The normal bugs don’t grab my attention, but the brightly colored and unusual ones are worthy of photos (still impressed with the camera on my aging iPhone 7plus).


Since I didn’t recognize the spider and had a nasty spider “kiss” back in 2009, I did a little reading to decide if this one was friend or foe. I think he/she is a relatively friendly Orchard Spider since the green was almost Iridescent in the sunshine.

Orchid Spiders like most spiders are venomous. The venom is not considered dangerous to human. In the unlikely event that a person is bitten, we would say that chances are very high that a bite would result in not much more than local swelling, redness and itchiness.


The other bug, a Kadydid, he/she was just cooling off in the pool with me while I was reading the latest issue from Barron’s after finishing my yard chores on Saturday.


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