Our granddaughters are coming and new Great Room windows

Posted By on December 23, 2020


Marking time and happenings is sort of what My Desultory Blog has evolved into … or at least it seems that way lately (reminds me of the “Pacing the Cage” song). I have found that in hindsightEllerieFalala201220_m I’ve been using the blog as a reference point for events and updates. It had become a good place to add and “write down” the home improvements and things happing with the kids … and now grandchildren! “ I’m not even going to start on the changes that Brenda and I are noticing in ourselves. Hm?

Once upon a time, we all anticipated Christmas from the perspective of a child and looked forward to receiving presents, and then parents creating the joy and memories for our own children on the giving side. Now as grandparents, we anxiously await the smiles in both our children and grandchildren (thanks for the cute photos Katelyn, you knew I’d include them on my blog).

Annalyn has been slightly under the weather for the last few days, so Katelyn decided, out of an abundance of caution during COVID19, to have her tested. Yikes. Annalyn (via Katelyn) called on the way home from her appointment to tell me she was “brave but cried a little.” Katelyn said she wished she could have taken her place rather than watch her little Annalyn get the swabbing –  that is what keeps me from my scheduled colonoscopy! Anyway, we are anxious to see them.

As for the new Great Room Windows …

    The semi-before photo of the casement windows coming out and new fixed picture windows

In August we started the process of replacing our south facing windows in our great room as after 25 years of sun and weather, we started to get some leakage when the wind blasted rain from the south and west (weather’s normal direction). I contemplated caulking again to last a couple more years, but the gaps were significant enough to need repair anyway. The windows we put in when we built the house were not what we had specified in our plans as the sides were to be opening double hung windows but the center were to be casement picture windows with grids. We lived with the plan change, but decided that on replacing them and decided to go without grids for the center two largest windows. Of course when the windows finally arrived 3-1/2 months later, the half circle top window was missing the wagon-wheel style grids. UGH .. but this time we’re not paying until it is replaced and a few disappointing installation issues corrected. My advice to the “unnamed company,” (until they either fix or won’t fix) would be to have someone doublecheck the installation before the crew leave the site and requires the customer to complain … but that’s just me.




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