Do all grandparents love their grandchildren as much as I do?

Posted By on January 27, 2021

AnnalynEllerieSameAge210124January 2021 is already getting away from me and after receiving a cute photo from Katelyn ofEllerie’s first pony” (tail) in a text message, I realized just how fast time is whizzing by. Before I could do the comparison, she also sent me a side by side photo with Annalyn at Ellerie’s age, to which Brenda commented, “you definitely can tell they are sisters.”

Shockingly we are closing in on birthdays (a month away) … as Ellerie will be turning ONE and Annalyn already 4 years old! (link to last years birthday)

Where does the time go? (as always, click photos for larger versions)

Oh, one more leftover family photo to archive


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