The 2020 Election, the Georgia Runoff and changing America

Posted By on January 7, 2021

For red, white and blue flag waving, National Anthem honoring, military respecting patriots … who believed in the traditional values that founded this country … January 6, 2021 was a tough day. The election in Georgia for control of the U.S. Senate, the last line of defense for Republicans, went to the two Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, although the vote was close.


Democrats, progressives (and socialists) who prefer more centralized control, increased regulations, higher taxes and a bigger Federal government, can now operate nearly unchecked as they control both the House and the Senate in Congress, and the White House after the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden. Years ago, we would say “there’s really not much different between the parties or politicians when they get to Washington DC …  as both like to spend the taxpayers money and bring something home to their district.” Nowadays, it seems like there is a much wider philosophical and ideological difference.  As the 2021 Democrats want to make some radical changes to the country and as Sen Chuck Schumer says, “First we take Georgia, then we change America.”

In my lifetime, the country has changed (for the good and bad, IMHO) but shifted steadily left on the political scale. The difference recently is that we haven’t seen or heard many moderate Democrats who fought for and love our country and history; they once kept their “liberal” party in check. After the President Trump lost the presidency in November 2020 and Republicans the Senate, there is no check to the progressives’ ambitions? Never before have I heard politicians speak of socialism as a plan FOR the United States … or expanding and packing the Supreme Court … or making new states to gain so much control that the Republicans could never again control the Senate. 

Don’t get me wrong, change is often good, but almost always when it is agreed on by a large majority in our country .. not barely 50% (or 40-some percent plus some corruption). Pushing radical changes aggressively ahead is a sure way to elevate the anger already spilling over. Of course it is not all one-sided. I recognize President Trump did not go out of his way to befriend those who disagreed with him (although the olive branch was never extended by the left either). Ramming change through “because you are in control and can and does” divide the country. When this happens, expect fireworks just as we’ve seen in our history … or like today at the Capitol (sad day in America). As my father would often say when my brother and I would fight, “it usually takes two to tango” (or something to that affect). 

As a patriotic American, I wish President-Elect Joe Biden well for the health of our nation, but do not envy him. Hopefully the rhetoric on both sides will die down, our leaders will contemplate their decisions and lookout for the best interest of a “UNIITED” States of America … although am not sure what that looks like or how it is currently going to be possible?


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