The vote in Georgia could be the turning point for America

Posted By on January 5, 2021

I’ve watched the political divide and ideology between the right and left grow wider during the past decade … and probably longer, but the voices and actions haven’t seemed this divided since the 1960s. The debate is no longer on a hot-topic or two … or between the traditional bigger government. liberal GeorgiaRedBlueDemocrats and smaller government conservative Republicans. Even during my early days of following politics, debating and voting, I never really worried about losing liberty, our individual independence or the American way of life. I trusted that even liberal Democrats, who may have held different social views, still wanted to live free from others telling them how they had to live, etc … as in so many other dictatorial countries. I even understood their passion for a bigger government safety, better opportunities so as to improve income inequality and paying for it with a more progressive tax code. Back then, I concluded we were looking for the same outcome, but just disagreed over how much of a role we wanted government to take and how much should be handled by individuals themselves, charities and private industry.

Now it no long seems as if Democrat voters want to keep this 200+ year old American experiment going. I’m not sure they value two parties governing in three branches in order to check and balance our governing system? Our founding principles seem to be under attack, as is the capitalism economic system that has made America the envy of  the world. I’d like to believe that I’m over-thinking my concern, but it everything seems to be changing rapidly (which is always the plan when it comes to progressivism). This past year there has been a silencing of conservative views, a distain for laws and those who enforce them, lack of deterrents for criminal behavior, disagreements with our country’s’ founding principles and bureaucrats overstepping the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Journalists and news media organizations have almost all become opinion propogandists and our educational system is brainwashing student and teaching and supporting Marxist and Socialist views, rather than creating critical independent thinkers. How have we gone so wrong in what seems a short time in the annals of history?


Now it has come to one state that will decide just how one-sided and powerful we will permit one party to become. “The times they are a changin’” when even a traditionally conservative state like Georgia is too close to call (even if there are voting issues) … I’m sensing the America I once knew is changing, and in my opinion, for the worse. Thankfully I’m not alone … in fact, I suspect 74 million voters in 2020  think like me … but that means a significant number of citizens either truly believe the left’s message … or just really hated President Donald Trump (I’m hoping it is the latter).

What’s next if Georgia gives Democrats the Senate?


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