Finishing a desktop bookholder project for my son Taylor

Posted By on March 9, 2021

While finishing up a small black walnut book stand or bookholder for my son’s birthday later this spring, I decided to archive a photo since Taylor doesn’t regularly read my blog (watch this be the exception). I wanted to make something for him since the granddaughters usually get most projects. He is also the other “sailboat” lover in the family, so I think this woodworking project is something suited for him. 


The small desktop bookholder is of my own design is is made from recycled wood with dados for the angled bottom rails and slender back straps. I took the photo above after applying the first coat of a satin oil-based finish this past weekend. The burled-maple sailboat is inlayed into the walnut and all will get two-coats of oil and then a wax and buff after a couple weeks of cure time. I’m not sure how functional it is anymore since books and even desks are becoming a thing of the past? We seem to be transforming to just using laptops, tablets and smartphones … but at least he can put it on a side table, dresser PrototypeBookholder210216or maybe his turntable furniture? Back in the day, I could see this kind of thing useful for a dictionary, thesaurus or even am MLA style guide.



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