Woodworking: Tinkering on a prototype desktop book stand

Posted By on February 20, 2021

PrototypeBookshelf210216The weather has been … well, wintery and I’ve been working on a self-designed prototype desktop bookshelf or bookstand with the thought of making a couple of them. Unfortunately desks … let alone books … are disappearing as a Future of Everything WSJ article mentioned this past year.

PrototypeBookshelfF210216The design is relatively simple in that the bottom runners have a couple dados to accept the sides and the back a couple thinner straps fit into dados in the side boards. Each will be glued and fitted with a single brass screw. I haven’t done the final sanding or finishing on the prototype yet, but wanted to test for size and slant … it works just fine and being somewhat small fits comfortably on a desk. A few years .. okay, decades ago, I would have said this is the perfect size for dictionaries, thesauruses, writing style and reference books … but now will probably be relegated to Bibles and study guides, and perhaps some current reading? If I ever start playing with design software on the computer, this might be a great first try?


While working on the dados for this, I made a jig that I didn’t use just for cutting 3/4” dados with a router. It works great for cross dados and is perfect for plywood, but is not appropriate for the ones I needed on this project (used the table saw … and ordered a new thin kerf FLAT Grind TableSaw blade that should arrive this weekend?)



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