What goes around, comes around … and spins around

Posted By on January 31, 2021

This past Christmas, Megan ordered a fancier turntable for Taylor, which arrived this past week. He was excited set up his gift and shared the photos. It looks nice.


It is hard to believe millennials have gravitated to vinyl record albums and turntables in this century, but like my friend Mark, my son Taylor enjoys listening to music on vinyl record albums. Good figure? 

In Mark’s situation, it is likely the nostalgia in collecting old record albums and then listening to every imperfection … just like we did in the old days.  I’m not quite sure why those who grew up on CD, mp3 and iPods like it?  Well, it is interesting seeing Taylor and his friend Mike “listening to vinyl records” … Hm, I wonder if it plays 45s or better yet, 78s


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