Sidetracked repairing gate parts and a old office copier stand

Posted By on August 3, 2021


Weather and years (and abuse) has pretty much destroyed the gate, hinges and latches that I took off of the gate.  I disassembled it in anticipation of our driveway project (I’m still waiting – they were delayed). The final disassemble and hauling to the back was on my weekend list, but I did not anticipate getting sidetracked by trying to bend the hinges back to normal, taking them all apart, de-rusting, lubricating and putting the “frozen” pieces back together again. About the only thing I didn’t do was to put fresh black Rust-oleum paint on them again (priced heavy gate hinges, etc at Tractor Supply and salvaging seemed worthwhile).

The second weekend distraction happened when I was moving the old copier stand or office roller cabinet from my upstairs office to the workshop. DeWalt735Planer200925I was thinking about tossing it, but with a little repair in reinforcing of the rollers and bottom, it is now sturdy again. I also noticed it fits nicely under my Delta cabinet saw (now Unisaw) Biesemeyer fence extension table and might eventually be used in combination with a dust collector system (I’m still thinking about it). For now, I could put a 8-1/2+ in deep box on top of it to store hand power tools or something … unfortunately my initial thought of putting my new DeWalt DW735 planer on top of it is not going to work unless I do some serious modification —  it 14” high. All I need are more distractions from half started and higher priority projects.


EDIT 8/3/2020:

Although I’m not sure how much dust this “add-on” box will reduce without an appropriate dust collector (it is on my list), I added it on Sunday night after my son walked into the workshop this weekend commenting that he could “taste the dust.” 


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