A semi-portable thickness planer for my woodworking shop

Posted By on September 27, 2020

When bragging that my latest sewing cart project had zero cost in it, I held off until the end of the post to mention that I was spending money and would post about that on Sunday. Well here it is: I bought DeWalt735Planer200925my first planer; it’s a semi-portable DeWalt DW735, with the “X” option (extra set of blades and infeed and outfeed flip-down tables).

I grew up and used large industrial planers in the past (before there were portables), but could never justify adding a planer or a jointer to my woodworking shop (continue to use a Makita portable 3-1/4” power planer). Besides a thickness planer beingMakitaHandplaner expensive, noisy, dusty and kind-of a pain to keep blades aligned and sharpened, they aren’t generally necessary if you’re buying dimensional material that has already been planed – it is what you find in big box stores (although rarely decent, always expensive and lacking in wood varieties).

A few things changed this for me:

  1. I’d like to reuse some Maple material for a couple of projects. I’ve salvaged these from my old type galley trays and  might be able to use this high quality hard maple for this winter’s projects.
  2. I’m not getting any younger and would like to do more woodworking as I enter into my retirement years. Too many of us go without good tools or the right equipment only to buy later in life.
  3. I’d like a few nicer pieces of rough sawn, kiln dried hardwoods that aren’t overpriced. Something where the cost of lumber doesn’t exceed the cost of buying a piece of quality furniture at the store.
  4. I had a $125 credit at Amazon burning a hole in my pocket. Sure I could have told Brenda we’ll save it for Christmas presents … but then I didn’t tell her I had the credit.
  5. Finally, my friend Mark Jones has a planer in his new garage shop and I’m jealous (let’s see if he is still reading my blog)!


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