The proposed Liberty Township, Ohio I-75 and Millikin Road Interchange Study posts a virtual open house

Posted By on August 29, 2021

MillikinRoadInterchangeProposal210824Local politics, issues and selecting/electing those who make decisions that impact where we live should be a much higher priority than most of us give them. Unfortunately I’m guilty of lacking attention to what is going on locally and was pretty much oblivious when my kids were growing up; we should all be more focused on what was happening. Most of America’s attention is too preoccupied with raising their families and making a living to give politics (especially local politics) much more than lip service or in an election year maybe a little more attention since half of us vote (how pitiful is that?)LibertyTwpPopGraph2018

On the other having an opinion on issues and what is best for your community and country can be pretty challenging. From information overload to knowing who or what to believe or what you want government to do or be in charge of can seem overwhelming. I suspect that is why so many don’t comment, or share an opinion when comments are requested … or even vote.


This brings me to a local issue we are facing in Liberty Township, Ohio where growth and expansion is trying to be dealt with without drastically changing our semi-rural culture and community. MillikinRd_CostMatrix210824_sWith a nearly 400% growth since we moved here in the 1990s, our infrastructure has been under pressure. Thankfully those elected to manage have been outstanding and attentive over the years, but the more we grow, the less the area resembles why we moved here. The rural neighborhood are beginning to resemble the suburbs around most cities and to offset cost and provide services … we are attracting businesses. With businesses comes the need for more even more expansion with even more roads, services and then more people. At some point (it is inevitable) the attractive rural yet suburban area that we have called home will no longer be the place I want to be living in (although Brenda is still happy here).

I-75 & Millikin Road Interchange Study(video below)


Enter the proposed new I-75/Millikin Road Interstate interchange. We have known that it was in the cards for a long time, but it always seemed like the future. Now, seeing 2026 on the “beginning construction” timeline brings it closer. Having “yet another” large interchange is convenient, but along with that come more rapid growth. It won’t be long before the “Cox Road Business Corridor” accelerates the building process and traffic increases on the “country roads” both to our south and north. This new Millikin Interchange will only be a couple miles away as the crow flies.



Now to decide how to comment on the type of interchange thise should be … or if I even have a valid opinion on something I’m really not all that excited about. ☹️


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