Liberty Township Ohio is planning for a new closer fire station

Posted By on August 23, 2018

DlOTQJrX0AUq2ErBrenda and I had a back and forth text messaging conversation with our son Taylor, who is the Clermont County planner, regarding a new fire station in and around a developed residential area not too far from us. Although this improvement will be great for us, it does get us concerned over the impact to our property and neighboring areas as continued growth and development happens (we are in Butler County so no real conflict of interest for Taylor).

The long term plan that will impact us is the extension of business when the Cox Road Corridor moves ahead as we are east of I-75. There was some rezoning a couple years back that changed our agricultural zoning to a Residential-Estates (R-E) zoning … which besides restricting a few farm oriented activities probably was appropriate for our residential suburban area. A glance at the overlay illustrates our concern as the current business development moves north from West Chester Township in to Liberty Township.

Hopefully our elected commissioners and sound planning will do their best to protect the rural feel and existing neighborhoods those of us living here appreciate? It is a good reason to stay abreast and involved with our local county and township government.


 (8-16-2018 Liberty Twp Zoning Resolution PDF)


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