Home video memories from September 9, 1989 for #TBT

Posted By on September 9, 2021

Last month when we were together with the kids, they were talking about enjoying trips to Michigan for long weekends during the summer (Drew’s parents have a house on Lake Michigan). It brought back memories for us and I KatelynTaylor890919mentioned that once-upon-a-time we thought about buying cabin property in the Upper Peninsula on Lake Huron in Michigan. We made a offer to purchase two lots at the time, but the offer was not accepted and our interest faded .. thank goodness because it was a ridiculously long way to drive. 

I couldn’t find photos at the time, so as a a personal Throwback Thursday post this week, I found the very short section of home video from our Corbett Chronicles and was shocked that it was 32 years ago! Wow! Since the “property segment” was super short, I’m including a cute segment of Katelyn (3-years old) doing summersaults while Taylor (3-months) watches intently a little later in September 1989.


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