My eye doctor appointment has been checked off for the year

Posted By on September 29, 2021

Although my eyes are still a little dilated, I’m glad to have my 2021 vision appointment out of the way. Thankfully my prescription didn’t change, although the presbyopia is definitely not on the improve (suspect everyone will have aging eyes someday)?eyecaregraphic I’ve pondered the entire vision insurance gimmick (my opinion) before going back and forth wondering if we would be better just paying out of pocket for our vision and for that matter our dental care?

In the past, I noticed that I have been able to shop for vision items and arrive at a cheaper overall cost without insurance … that is even before adding up the relatively low monthly cost of group plan vision coverage with an employer. I suspect some vision providers know that they can upcharge for nearly everything plus collect the insurance reimbursement?

My advice after years of irritatingly being overcharged, is to skip the vision insurance … if you have to pay for it, and negotiate the eye exam and bare minimum of service with your local provider. Then use them if they are reasonable but be prepared to go elsewhere if you find out they are gouging on fitting fees, selling glasses, contacts, etc. From my experience, you will nearly always come out ahead shopping around and using your cash. There will always be headaches and “red tape” when in come to getting reimbursement … not to mention the hassles of filling out forms and sending in the receipts when you play the out-of-network game.  Insurance or no-insurance, be sure to work in the manufacturer’s rebates and always pay with an FSA or my preference and HSA account.


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