A quick trip to Florida so as not to waste an expiring ticket

Posted By on November 20, 2021


Brenda and I flew to Florida with a “use it or lose it” expiring Southwest Airline ticket …and hopefully as a way RichBrendaDelrayBeachFL21115mto earn a future companion-pass ticket (we’ll see how that goes).

We were there for a long weekend and to enjoy a couple days at the condo and the beach. Unfortunately I wasted day getting tires for the van and had an appointment to get our cable TV repairedyou know, the we’ll be there between 10 and 12. No big deal … “life is good,” as the saying goes.

The photo above is a windy but high-70s day at the beach and below a few flowers found on the dunes … while Brenda was picking up snails (snails that I suspect are still in their shells!)



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