New Year’s Eve Friday Filler Photo: Make 2022 better than 2021

Posted By on December 31, 2021

As we wind down 2021 and close the book on a stressful COVID19 filled year … here’s hoping next year will bring an end to the pandemic. BirdsHavingABadDay2021sIf that is not going to be the case, then let’s hope the Omicron Variant isn’t as deadly as the Delta Variant … and that we will keep our schools and businesses open in 2022. We need to keep living our lives … now that we have improved vaccines, preventive measures and the many new meds waiting on FDA approval.

In any case have a safe New Year’s Eve , take care of yourself and your family and as the old cliché goes … Have a good day! (or at least a better one that the poor bird who flew into our relatively new window. OUCH! )

Fairwell 2021!

End of the year advice for those who reside in the fiscal conservative camp, both for the running of our government (political) and personal lives (investing and daily living). Don’t be tempted by the excessive debt spending, “all-in” high-risk gambles and another “get rich quick” idea … especially now that we are in an age of historically unproven cryptocurrency speculation. The trade-offs for every tulip bulb or dotcom stock is generally for every winner there is a loser – if this becomes the strategy to secure your future, the likelihood of success is less than 50/50 (win or lose, the “house” always takes their cut).

Instead, be the turtle. Don’t overextend and overspend in your daily living, be ambitious and contribute positively at work, spend frugally and enjoy life every day, while still saving 10% of every paycheck. Balance your investments between a higher percentage of growth stocks vs value investments in a tax-deferred retirement portfolio in your early years, then systematically rotate to a value-weighted (with growing dividends) vs higher risk growth stocks in your later years. The final wise investment is in real estate, more precisely “a home.” You should be buying one (yes, with a mortgage). It is one of the few “investments” that you can enjoy while it historically keeps up with inflation. It offers tax advantages both in the short term and long term (capital gains taxes if/when you downsize) and with current interest rates lower than the current inflation rate, it is a no-brainer for those with low fixed-rate mortgages and is still attractive for those wanting to buy a home (although the current housing market seems a bit hot and overpriced – supply vs demand economics at work).


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