How do you prevent birds from hitting picture windows?

Posted By on October 7, 2021

BirdSmack211002… Boom 

Our new windows are really not that clean, but obviously the reflective quality is not helpful and looks painful for birds flying into them. I’m starting to wonder if we should rig up some kind of netting or thin sunshade?

The latest bird to hit the window left a “dust” imprint clear enough to see the feathered shape. I’ve yet to notice a dead bird in the landscape or plants in front of the windows … so they must survive at least the initial impact?

Brenda wishes that instead of replacing the double-hung windows that had grids, that we would have decided on the same picture windows that we have, but “with grids” like we did for the sides and top. I think she was probably right … but it’s too late now unless a big enough bird breaks the window!

Photos below: OLD | NEW | Outside view



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