Who enjoys dealing with insurance companies and claims?

Posted By on January 27, 2022

Well I don’t enjoy dealing with insurance companies or claims … that is for sure!

Brenda’s Acura RDX was backed into in a Kroger parking lot last week so the insurance adjuster phone tag begins (a previous time it was the Honda Pilot and a CVS parking lot). This time the young driver who backed his 2014 VW Jetta (ironic) into her Acura was AcuraRdx_hit01_220118_mvery nice and nervously shared his Geico insurance and drivers license information with Brenda. Thankfully no one was hurt. Unfortunately on talking with the claims adjuster, “we  have yet to determine who was at fault” (even though Brenda was parked). Of course they didn’t call the police or file a police report (who does with minor bumps?) so it falls on the driver’s honesty. Hm … no wonder witnesses, police reports and cameras on/in the car are critical these days?

Hopefully after uploading the “minor plastic parts damage and being shoved out of place” to the adjuster there won’t be any hassles BESIDES having to get the car to a body shop to get fixed. For now, I’ll archive the photos I took on 1/18/2022 to the blog.



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