Our 2006 Honda Pilot replacement – A 2010 Acura RDX

Posted By on August 21, 2019

We have always shuffled our “fleet” (as my son-in-law calls it) and strive to keep the loss through depreciation on vehicles to a tolerable level … while still driving reliable vehicles. Thankfully our current and recent vehicles have served us well and regularly hit the quarter million mile mark before we retire them. In my opinion, that is an impressive number of miles without major mechanical work, especially compared to the cars that we learned to drive on or owned when we were first married.


This month we replaced our 2006 Honda Pilot with a well maintained 2010 Acura RDX (photo of me tinkering on Drew’s car in 2017). Since we bought it from family and know the history, purchasing a car with 124K was an easy decision … and actually one that Brenda made since it will be her daily driver (usually car buying is “my call”). She loves the fact that it is a smaller SUV with sporty handling and performance — the exact blend most car buyers seem to be looking for nowadays; hopefully, the RDX will remain as reliable for her as it was for Drew and give her several years of dependable driving.

As for the Honda Pilot, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Oh, it has a torn front leather driver’s seat,  a little rust on the wheel wells and 250,000+ miles, but it is currently running perfectly. The new owner will be one of the painters we had working on the house and should serve him well as reliable transportation and a great work vehicle (still keep the 2002 Honda Odyssey around just  because of that!)


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