My son Taylor and Megan were over to show a new vehicle

Posted By on March 30, 2022


A few weeks ago, Megan’s car was hit will parked on the street outside of Taylor’s apartment in East Walnut Hills (Cincinnati). The damage was shockingly substantial and totaled the older car she was driving. So the search for a new car began … something fun for Taylor, but others find it stressful IMG_0404(especially with the tight market and higher prices post pandemic).

Thankfully between Taylor, Megan and Megan’s dad, they found a beautiful 2014 Lexus RX 350 CUV that generated smiles immediately, so Monday night they drove it up for me to see and to have dinner together (Brenda was a work). From my walk around and comfortable ride, it is near perfect. Since it has 80,000 miles, there will be eventual be a few service items (brakes, batteries, tires) … but all in all … this would be a car that I would have bought. Very nice.


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