Bundutec Rooftop Tent for traveling and camping #TBT

Posted By on March 31, 2022


If I were going to do a little traveling around the U.S. and Canada by vehicle, I’d like to look at something like the Bundutec “Electric Rooftop Tent” for our BMW X5 35D or maybe the minivan? Of course IF I were going to travel in the older 2002 Honda Odyssey, itMomDadC_73FordVanCamping might be a good idea to upgrade it with something newer (and knowing Brenda, I’d probably be traveling by myself – she prefers flying and NOT camping … or even glamping).

Nevertheless, I have fond #TBT memories of traveling with our kids and for 5 week and over 10,000 miles cross country (photo right)  with my parents, brother and pet in a van and tent … or trailer and mini motorhome.



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