Just a couple woodshop table saw splitter and pushstick ideas

Posted By on March 29, 2022

ScrewTableSawSplitterI’ve been thinking a little bit more about workshop safety (although always do) and after posting about zero clearance throatplates the other day, I started contemplating  adding a splitter to my table saw or to the insert when reading the Instructables.com article.

Since my Delta Table Saw is pre-riving knife (below left), I either need to use the cumbersome blade guard splitter combo that came with the saw, add an expensive “spreader” type, the somewhat questionable screw into the throat plate (photo right) … or make a small add-to-behind the blade splitter like Art did from WordsnWood.com (below right).


FamilyHandymanPushsticksWhile I’m on the topic of “table saw ideas” … I damaged one of my narrow push sticks by running it over the blade and have been thinking about making another one with a different kind of knob-ish handle using the Family Handyman design, but thought the “push shoe” was an interesting shape and appropriately named.TableSaw_PushShoe


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