Two more costly projects are underway at our house

Posted By on April 16, 2022

First, I mentioned pool repairs were underway earlier in the week. The tiles that I’ve been repairing are now long past due for a full replacement. So the water has been pumped out and a pool tile crew is beginning the demolition prior to making repairs and installing new waterline tile. Brenda’s comment made me PoolWorkBegins220410feel a little better about the expense in that “at least it can be repaired” unlike the liner pool that we had in Hudson (but also a great backyard pool). 


The second and slower progress project is the wood flooring in my office, upstairs hallway and guest bedroom. The oak hardwood was delivered and needs to acclimate before the installation, sanding (what a mess it will be) and staining, then finish poly begins.

Re-carpeting would have been so much easier and far less expensive.


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