Music Monday: “That’s My Wave” by Jimmy Buffett

Posted By on August 22, 2022

While listening to Radio Margaritaville and relaxing in the backyard at the end of the day last week, another Life On The Flipside song caught my ear longboarding-into-the-sunsetand started me thinking about how I’m missing sailing and the ocean. I’m not an active surfer, although “IF” I still had decent balance (see Menieres), I wouldn’t mind taking a longboard out on some smaller waves to wake up those old urges.

Anyway, here’s “That’s My Wave” written by Jimmy Buffett, Mac McAnally and Glenn Goodman from Jimmy Buffett’s 30th studio album in 2020 titled “Life On The Flipside(via YouTube).

  Jimmy Buffett – “That’s My Wave” | 2020


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