A birthday weekend in Georgia with the Gerbers

Posted By on August 23, 2022


It was a nice weekend to drive to Atlanta, even though it was only for a short birthday visit for Brenda’s sister Ann. As always, we had a very nice time together, had a great day hikingRichAnnBrendaSarahGaryIndianSeats220820 up to Indian Seats (panorama above) and our favorite part, catching up on the life of their girls. Sarah and Jessica were both home for mom’s birthday and are so personable when it come to sharing the ups and downs of being single, starting careers and adulting.


Sarah is teaching biology in a local high school and Jessica lives 3 hours away in Augusta working as a defense lawyer for the state of Georgia (public defender). She seems to enjoy it … and I suspect will really appreciate the state taking care of her student debt after the appropriate amount of time (Pepperdine Law is not cheap).



Gary and I get along very well … so when we are together, there is never an awkward moment or forced communication. We drift WAY to easily from topic to topic. Both Brenda and I enjoyed golf cart trips around the neighborhood, exercising the dog (video below) and playing games — a lot of fun! What a great weekend and so appreciated their hospitality. We were glad to be together to wish Ann a Happy 60th Birthday!


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