Books: “The Day the Markets Roared” by Henry Kaufman

Posted By on September 4, 2022

HenryKaufman_.TheDayTheMarketsRoared_BookCoverHaving recently read an article about Dr. Doom and “his pinnacle of influence” on August 17th, 1982, I’m adding Henry Kaufman’s book “The Day the Markets Roared” to my Amazon Kindle “want to read” list. Obviously since it is a look back on financial market history, it is not all that crucial that I read it immediately … but on the other hand, we are for the first time in a long time discussing run away inflation and the likelihood of a recession or two (back to back as in the 1980s).

All it all, it looks interesting and is a look back at what conditions were like when we got married, struggled to buy our first house and faced a lot of uncertainly with employment. Fond memories now … but not so fond when figuring out what to do day to day back then. Thankfully I knew very little about finance, markets, investing or economics in those day or would have panicked even more!


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