Half-Staff days in 2022 and office crown molding, paint, etc

Posted By on January 22, 2022


Archiving a couple office update photos after completing the crown molding, painting and “test” fitting of my new Samsung TV that Brenda bought me for Christmas. I also mounted the Yamaha soundbar on a couple special brackets so that the wires, etc remain behind the “skinny” television.

As for the crown molding after making the jig, it went smoothly … so obviously using a jig (actually it is a “fixture”) is the way to cut them … although this was a “penny wise, pound foolish” purchase on my part – bought very cheap Wayfair clearance crown molding material (never again – don’t be tempted).

Also … noticed the half-staff list of days arrived in my email box and since I regularly raise and lower the flag in front of our house, wanted to post it.



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