What a difference 90-days can make when #homebuilding

Posted By on January 4, 2023


EllerieCookieMaker230101It has been about a month-and-a-half of steady construction on Katelyn and Drew’s #homebuilding project (the hashtag is how I’ve tagged their home construction on MDB).

Since the Oostras were together on January 1st, they enjoyed a drive out to their Whitehouse, Ohio property as a family to check on the progress. It was shocking that there were roofers working on New Year’s Day (see roof in photo). Glad to see there are some go-getters still willing to work (the question is, are they all legal Americans???)

Of course it wasn’t all just about their construction project as they were together for the Oostra family Christmas and the cute “heavy sprinkling” cookie maker was busy baking too (twice this year there have been some “well” decorated cookies!)


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