Recipe reminiscing, the lost art of handwriting and longer days

Posted By on January 5, 2023


A little bit of recipe reminiscing for Throwback Thursday #TBT this week. Over New Year’s Day, I enjoyed a “Bean Soup” recipe conversation with my daughter Katelyn. We discussed using the ham bone and pieces of ham from our Christmas dinner. I opted for a delicious Ham and Potato soup and froze a couple smaller containers for later. Shockingly even Brenda liked it!GmaCsGmaBluhmsHandwriting


Katelyn commented over Christmas that she would find my mom’s (her Grandma C’s) recipe for the bean soup and sent a flurry of photos with her new Pixel 7 phone, with it’s impressive camera. She also stumbled on a plastic bag of her Great Grandmother Bluhm’s recipes and notes and I enjoyed seeing the “From the Desk of Dick Bluhm” and my grandmother’s handwriting – a disappearing skill and dying art. It was fun to remember them and have fond memories triggered.

Longer days …

I continue to receive the email feed from a sailing couple I corresponded with years ago. Mark Handley died in 2016, but his wife Judy continues to maintain a daily blog that occasionally triggers the … “that is what I was thinking thought.”


I love the added minute of daylight too and was just talking with Annalyn about it when we were together!


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