Unhealthy Aging graphic and my granddaughters in church

Posted By on March 15, 2023

Unhealthy Aging Graphic

While reading a health related social media post this past week, a graphic struck me as interesting since it highlights many of the ailments that most doctors and aging humans eventually face. Just to keep it personal, I’m noticing the hair thinning, vision and hearing loss as well as my high cholesterol needing some work (not to mention that I’ve gained weight since last summer). On the female side, Brenda has her aging battles too … with bone loss, orthopedic repairs and varicose veins. We can only hope that a few of the more life threatening issues are avoided as we age. How are MyDesultoryBlog readers measuring up?

On a much happier … and far more satisfying note … Drew sent me a cute photo of our granddaughters working on their “spiritual health” last Sunday in church; I loved the photo … and those little girls! 

Granddaughter at church


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