Started a side-table woodworking project this past weekend

Posted By on March 14, 2023

Side-table Top constructionOver the weekend, I started a woodworking project that has been buzzing around in my head. There is no hurry to this side-table (mentioned previously), but wanted to use recycled hardwood rather than the particle board in the mass manufactured tables. 

sketching ideasThis required a different design that I patterned after our antique octagon foyer table and some delicate cutting and glue up. I used the same router technique for the beveled glass (photo) used in cutting the Cornhole game boards … but focused a bit more on the jig to keep it tighter. All in all the glass sits nicely in the octagon top and looks good … now I’m questioning the antiqued painting the finished project (like the toothbrushing stool below).

Annalyn On the antiqued painted toothbrushing stool


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