Happy Birthday Taylor. Embrace the change this year.

Posted By on June 10, 2023

Dick Clark in 1989It is hard to believe Taylor, our youngest, is celebrating another birthday (although better than not having them) and that AB logohe was born AFTER the long running television show (1952-1989) American Bandstand ended. It just so happens that Taylor was born a month after Dick Clark finished the final episode … it does not seem Taylor May 2023possible? 

That bit of trivia aside, I want to wish Taylor a very Happy 34th Birthday today … and I look forward to celebrating with him with family and a few friends in the backyard. Let’s fire up the grill! 

An update this week: Taylor mentioned his profile was updated on the Batavia Township webpage (his new job) and I finished putting the finally coats of lacquer on the Cornhole boards (a woodworking project birthday present)

Batavia Township website - June 2023 Cornhole project - last lacquer

Cornhole on patio

EDIT add – 6/11/2023: Adding a video with Taylor and Drew playing a game of Cornhole this weekend. They worked great.


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