Happy Father’s Day with a few leftover garage sale photos

Posted By on June 18, 2023

Girls Garage Sale Granddaughters Garage Sale

Lemonade StandIt was an end of the week “Safety Town graduation” and garage sale for Katelyn, Brenda and the girls (and Saturday sale for Drew) as they “unloaded” some stuff before having to move it. They did well and on top of it was a great time to be together (from what I’ve heard).

Safety Town

All in all financially, it is challenging to weigh the time/effort vs money aspect of doing it, but from the numbers still worked out in their favor. Great job … especially instilling the time honored “Lemonade Stand” entrepreneurship lesson by my granddaughters. Love it!

Cleaning up Kettler Car and Mercedes

I’m spending Father’s Day getting a few old toys from our kids ready for my granddaughters this summer. Cleaning, repairing and hoping they might be enjoyed by the next generation (probably should have just sold them in a garage sale!) 

Kettler Car Kettler Car Tire

The Kettler Car was a personal favorite of mine, and beside needing a gearbox repaired, is ready to go. The old worn-out BMX bike of Taylor’s needs even more TLC and parts, but it might still be a bit large, so I’ve ordered new brake cables (they were entirely gone — I’m not sure how Taylor could even ride it without brakes?)

Taylor's BMX Bike Jamis with 40 year old tires

While at it with the bike, I dug out my old Jamis bike (now 40 years old) and besides being heavy by today’s standard, might still be rideable? So I’m going to replace the cracked and flat tires and probably the bearing in the crank. Hopefully it will be rideable so that I can keep up with my granddaughters? Perhaps I should “electrify it???” Oh, I can feel a fun project coming on! 

Rich's Old Jamis Bike Jamis Quality - maybe eBike

Anyway, Happy Father’s Dayand will include a bit of humor from “Dad’s back in the day” … so true!

Dads back in the that day be like ...


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