An everyday carry pocket knife gets a lot of wear and tear #TBT

Posted By on November 9, 2023

Mini ChampNot all that long ago, I blogged on the need to start looking for a replacement pocket knife for my all-time-favorite EDC Swiss pocket knife. I could never quite cough up the money since the “blades” on my Mini Champ were still good and it spends most of its time in my pocket anyway.

BUT … last weekend, a little more of the plastic chipped away and is now Midnite Mini Champsnagging in my pocket. I’ve given thought to an epoxy repair, but think it is time to bite the bullet or add to my Christmas list???  

Perhaps the Victorinox Midnite Mini Champ with an LED light would be a worthwhile consideration … although it is hard to replace a favorite pocketknife?

My pocket knife in 2012
My current knife when it was new in 2012.


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