A WordPress 6.4 update along with Linux and SSL headaches

Posted By on November 10, 2023


It is not a normal Tech Friday kind of week as I had some SSL problems (still do) for a few domains that I service and a Linux server update problem (primarily related to MySQL database problems). 

Wordpress 6.4

All in all I’m busy with double checking my backups, archives and snapshots to be sure there is a fallback position. Since I’m in the middle of maintenance, it seemed like a good time to update WordPress to 6.4 “Shirley” (for jazz singer Shirley Horn) and be sure the plugins were up-to-date on the blog too.

Crossing fingersAfter all the updating, snapshotting and restarting …  I think the load levels and “swappiness” (yes, that is the Linux term for RAM to harddrive) … I think the server is running normally. I’m crossing my fingers. 

CPU problems


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