Thoughtful conservatives are divided and struggling to understand each other ahead of the 2024 election

Posted By on November 28, 2023

Perhaps there are a few Republicans in your circles struggling with selecting a GOP Presidential Candidate for 2024?

Sometimes, if I listen really carefully, I can hear in my head the fragments of a dialogue between two voices capturing the ambivalence thoughtful conservatives feel about their current political choices. Yes, I’m hearing voices so you might not want to take anything I say seriously. But before you demand my immediate institutionalization, at least listen to the conversation, and, as Donald Trump builds an unassailable lead in the barely-started-but-already-apparently-over Republican primary, ask yourself if maybe you might not be hearing the same things. It goes like this:

Fleece vest-wearing conservative: “How can you possibly vote for Trump?”

MAGA hat-wearing conservative: “How can you possibly not vote for Trump?”

Fleece vest: “I’m sorry, you’re going to have to explain yourself.”

MAGA hat: “You go first.”

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