Taylor impressed me with his handyman skills earlier this week

Posted By on December 30, 2023

All fathers who semi-attempt to pass down a few “handyman” skills are proud of their sons (and daughters – mine is amazing!) when they tackle projects by themselves.

Taylor continues to amaze me at his fortitude when taking on homeownership projects, although he’s never been hesitant to jump into things with both feet. 😊 

New Bedroom TV New Mount and in-wall wiring

It may not seem all that difficult to some, but property measuring and cutting holes in walls to run wiring so that they don’t show is not as simple as it appears. After cutting the holes, he decided to Facetime me to find out how to get the wires from the hole above to the one below when the wall was stuffed with insulation. Thankfully he was able to use a fishrod to get the wires through. After putting the specialty electrical boxes in place and mounting a “flat to the wall” mounting system, it looks great!  I don’t say it enough, but I am proud of him. Way to go Taylor!

Oh … and here was a Christmas present from Megan that he used. Nice! 

DryWall Cutting tool


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