A new Schraiber Grinder Pump as a replacement for a Zoeller

Posted By on July 5, 2024

Schraiber Grinder Pump After repeated malfunctions with a Zoeller sewage pump in the pool house, I’ve started the process of evaluating what might be wrong. I did have a couple plumbers come out under the Angi “free estimate” home repair.

Zoeller WD820-D Tag

They were both expensive and wanted to replace the current “still running” 230VAC pump with a new one (WD 820-D pump replacement cost alone was over $4000). 

I suspect it might be the switch, so decided to find and replace that part first. By the time I dug into the pit and starting the cleaning process (I’m not messing with sewage sludge again — deathly sick replacing a condo toilet one year), I thought I might opt to cut the cover, de-rust and paint … then plan for a hinge to access in the future (image at bottom).

SchraiberLogoAfter looking around online for options to the $4000 pump, thought perhaps a lesser branded grinder pump from Schraider might solve the problem (image above). It was clearance priced so I’m taking a chance. Perhaps the older Zoeller can be cleaned up and salvaged as a backup pump?

Schraider Pump Clearance priced  

Anyway, the process has started and “IF” this repair works out, it will have saved me thousands of dollars in a new pump and who knows how much in labor. Stay tuned.

Schraiber Pump Specs SS Grinder plate

Pit lid painting w hinge


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